Work out. Anywhere, any time.

Yoga Rembo. Smart Personal Trainer

YOGAREMBO is a tool for your individual workout, which will analyze and help you better your performance so you don’t hurt yourself but improve your health and look.

Smart Trainer Analyzing your performance

YOGA REMBO will use artificial intelligence tool to analyze your performance and moves, your advance level, and your abilities, to show you real-time where you can improve your moves.

Yoga Rembo types. Wear it or use mobile

A HOME version will use your laptop and smartphone cameras to capture your workout and analyze it, to show it on the phone or laptop screen.

VR will make it more interactive allowing to dive deep into the workout and have a step-by-step training experience with the virtual personal trainer.

Virtual reality gym
Yoga Rembo VR – an interactive workout with a smart trainer

GO version will go with a unique camera set allowing to create a training zone in seconds, and have a precise analysis of the training.

Why not work out alone?

We tend to either overestimate or value too low ourselves.
So you would end up harming yourself with incorrect workout or
stop doing that at all thinking you are not working out properly.

Video tutorials?

They show how to move but do not analyze and show if you do it right.

Teach the trainer

YOGA REMBO will soon launch project to involve super early users in creating and teaching its artificial intelligence or, simply put, smart trainer, by sharing with us a training video or visiting specific workout sites to film a workout or class, with and opportunity to receive a full complimentary analysis of the training by an acknowledged personal trainer, and to contribute to the data being analyzed by the future virtual trainer.

Work with us

Yoga Rembo diverse team is looking for VR and AI experts to join the exciting R&D process. If you are into smart devices, wearable, IoT, VR, data analysis, big data, or machine learning and are willing to take part in making active life even more accessible please don’t hesitate to reach out now at

We promise you exciting teams withing an international team making a revolution for an active lifestyle.